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    Sell and Rentback of your home to a fast house buyer

    • Are you considering a sale and rentback of your property?
    • Did you know that the FSA introduced new legislation regarding SARB (sale and rent back) transactions in the summer of 2009?
    • Are you aware what protection is now provided to you as a vendor?
    • Is your fast house buyer authorised to buy your house and rent it back to you?
    • Did you know that there are now less than 90 businesses in England authorised by the FSA to conduct sale and rentback business?

    Before the SARB legislation was introduced there were over 10,000 small, quick house buyer businesses willing to buy your property. Most of these businesses are fully aware that they are no longer allowed (by law) to buy your house. Unfortunately not all property investors know the law and still think they can undertake sale and rent back transactions.

    We were contacted by a property investor recently and they mentioned the vendor was staying on as a tenant once the sale had ‘completed’. I asked if they were buying the property through one of the 90 SARB authorised businesses and they said no!

    What does this mean to you? If you agree to sell and rentback your home to anyone not authorised by the FSA (less than 90 firms in the whole of England remember) then the sale will almost certainly not proceed. The fast house buyer will be notified by their solicitor, sometimes at the last minute, that they are not duly authorised to complete the purchase.

    Please click the following link – Sale And Rent Back - and complete the online form at your leisure and we will ensure your sale and rent back is handled by an FSA authorised representative.

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