Fast House Sale Ever asked how can I sell my house fast?
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    How can we help you sell your house fast?

    We have access to investors throughout the country and each one has a slightly different strategy for buying properties. Some will only buy low maintenance properties where others are quite happy to add value to the house or flat by refurbishing throughout.

    Some of our clients have cash available to purchase quickly whereas others use buy to let mortgage finance. We also have buying strategies that enable us to pay up to 90% of the current value of your house. In the current buyers market most sales to the general public are no more than 90% and then you have Estate Agency costs and HIP’s to pay for etc.

    We have been contacted recently by several vendors that have been trying to sell their property for years! The general public are very selective in what houses they buy in the current market whereas investors are prepared to buy on the basis of a long term investment.

    We buy most of our properties in Doncaster, Rotherham, Barnsley and Sheffield but we will consider any deal if it matches the investment criteria set by our clients.

    If time is against you and you want a nio obligation quote please complete the online form at Fast Sale Network.

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