Fast House Sale Ever asked how can I sell my house fast?
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    We purchase property in Doncaster, Sheffield, Rotherham, Barnsley and the surrounding areas. Many people really need to sell their house fast and choose against the same old conventional way through an estate agent to save lots of time and move on with their plans.

    Do you need to sell your property fast?

    Broken chain or found your dream home?

    Facing repossession, Divorce, Separation or experiencing Financial difficulties?

    Sudden unemployment, Relocation, Looking to free up cash?

    Do you need to sell your home fast? Without pressure and no hassle.

    Take a look at the Fast Sale Network or call 0845 0542 485.

    We remove the hassle so you can move on.

    What ever your reason for a quick sale we can help

    No legal or agent fees! No hips! Absolutely no fees to you.

    Take the next step and contact us in the strictest of confidence

    We are confident we can help at the Fast Sale Network

    Call 0845 0542 485 today, any time.

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    How can we offer up to 90% for your property when other investors only offer 75%?

    If you need to sell your house fast you will find that almost all property investors will only offer up to 75% of the current market. 75% is not unreasonable for a quick sale especially in the current market. Many investors bought at up to 80% of market value a couple of years ago only to find prices fell rapidly by more than the 20% quick sale discount they had obtained. Some new build apartments have probably fallen by as much as 35%. On a large portfolio of properties this can be serious negative equity.

    So property investment can be a risky business, especially in the short to medium term. Hence the 75% maximum offered by most property investors.

    With our vast network of contact we can offer up to 90% which for many home owners means the difference between staying put or moving on with their lives.

    Below is a happy vendor, with our ARLA registered Letting Agent just after we agreed to pay 90% of the current market value for her property.

    quick home buyer paying top rates for your house

    Another Happy Vendor

    How are we able to pay 15% more than other investors?

    We have a vast network of buyers including some buyers that are looking to live in your property i.e. as homeowners not as buy to let (BTL) landlords. Buy to let landlords will generally only pay up to 75% as it is a commercial business subject to overheads, strict legislation, troublesome tenants, bad debts and taxation etc.

    We are always on the lookout for additional nice properties in nice areas that we can offer to our clients as owner occupiers.

    Please click the following link – We Pay Top Rates For A Quick Sale – and complete the online form to see how much (more) we can offer you for your property.

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    Sell and Rentback of your home to a fast house buyer

    • Are you considering a sale and rentback of your property?
    • Did you know that the FSA introduced new legislation regarding SARB (sale and rent back) transactions in the summer of 2009?
    • Are you aware what protection is now provided to you as a vendor?
    • Is your fast house buyer authorised to buy your house and rent it back to you?
    • Did you know that there are now less than 90 businesses in England authorised by the FSA to conduct sale and rentback business?

    Before the SARB legislation was introduced there were over 10,000 small, quick house buyer businesses willing to buy your property. Most of these businesses are fully aware that they are no longer allowed (by law) to buy your house. Unfortunately not all property investors know the law and still think they can undertake sale and rent back transactions.

    We were contacted by a property investor recently and they mentioned the vendor was staying on as a tenant once the sale had ‘completed’. I asked if they were buying the property through one of the 90 SARB authorised businesses and they said no!

    What does this mean to you? If you agree to sell and rentback your home to anyone not authorised by the FSA (less than 90 firms in the whole of England remember) then the sale will almost certainly not proceed. The fast house buyer will be notified by their solicitor, sometimes at the last minute, that they are not duly authorised to complete the purchase.

    Please click the following link – Sale And Rent Back - and complete the online form at your leisure and we will ensure your sale and rent back is handled by an FSA authorised representative.

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    At the peak of the last property boom towards the end of 2007 the banks were falling over themselves to lend to almost anyone. Buy to Let (BTL) and residential mortgages were easy to come by for property investors and the general public alike. It is unlikely that this easy credit will ever return in our lifetimes and this is perhaps no bad thing.

    In the residential sector many home owners came to expect 100% mortgages and in the case of Northern Rock well in excess of 100%. This created the property boom of the past decade and despite the warning signs the banks continued to lend.

    House Sold Sign

    Investors have always expected to provide some element of funding when they buy properties. For most of the last ten years they provided deposit funds of 15% or more. The investors intention being to refinance at the earliest convenience and then go on to purchase the next property. The deposit funds now demanded by the banks are around 25% of the property but providing the house seller is prepared to sell below market value the vendor should still be able to secure a fast house sale . We also have property investors with funds available to buy your house for cash.

    The general public have a desire to buy nice properties in nice areas (when they have the funds to do so) but investors are looking for properties where they can add value and achieve the  maximum yield on their investment. Typically these are cheaper properties in less affluent  areas as larger properties in nice areas offer very poor yields.

    So if you are looking for a fast sale of your property and perhaps have a house or flat that would benefit from a refurbishment our investors will make you a fair, no obligation, offer within 24 hours.

    Please click the following link – Sell House Fast – and complete the on line form at your convenience and we will be in touch.

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